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Event Promo (00:50)
Lingerie Fashion Show (06:15)

Annodam Productions
Hollywood Dreams Reality TV Pilot
Sizzle Reel 2010 (06:50)

Jack and Jill Psychological/Horror
Trailer 2009 (01:30)

Blank Psychological/Horror
Trailer 2008 (06:15)

Signs of the Time Documentary
Full Movie 2007 (1:23:48)

The Evading Horror
Trailer 2005 (01:08)


David Krause
Photography, Videography

Assignment, Stock.

Event, Product, Stills & Continuity.

David currently lives in Seattle, and works as a Communications Designer. He has been a photographer for over 25 years, and is credited in feature films, as Stills Photographer, Continuity Photographer, and Producer.

Photography Offers Photography: Stock, Assignment, Stills & Continuity - Videography: Full Service Production Management